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Zinssubventionierungen machen die Finanzierung von Maßnahmen mit Umwelt- und Energieeffizienzeffekten sowie die Förderung marktnaher Forschung und Entwicklung besonders attraktiv. Profitieren Sie von unseren bedarfsgerechten Finanzierungslösungen.


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China firm cut from a different cloth

If Richard Sun were to sew his company’s label into shirts and jackets he would be known the world over.

Integration and collaboration – How businesses can capitalise on ASEAN’s growth story

Simon Constantinides, HSBC’s Regional Head of Global Trade and Receivables Finance for Asia Pacific, explains why ASEAN-based companies, as well as those further afield, are well positioned to capitalise on the opportunities made possible by regional trade flows and the unique resources of each member state.

We’ve found the best way to compete is on those aspects that play to our strengths: our flexibility, short response times and our ability to adapt our brands and products

Norman Aquilina, Group Chief Executive, Simonds Farsons Cisk
Three steps to taking on major brands

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