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Willkommen auf der HSBC-Website für Firmenkunden. Hier möchten wir Sie über die verschiedenen Dienstleistungen und Finanzlösungen informieren, die entweder von HSBC Deutschland oder von anderen Einheiten der HSBC-Gruppe angeboten werden. Unser Ziel ist es, Groß- und Mittelstandsunternehmen mit einem starken internationalen Fokus bei ihrer globalen Wachstumsstrategie zu unterstützen. So erwarten Sie neben Berichten unserer Experten auch Praxisbeispiele aus Deutschland und von anderen Einheiten der HSBC-Gruppe.


Working Capital

Optimieren Sie Ihr Working Capital – verschaffen Sie sich Zugriff auf in der Lieferkette gebundenes Kapital und verbessern Sie Ihr Cashflow Management unternehmensweit.

Optimising working capital via the Shanghai Free Trade Zone

Enabling Dover to deploy RMB across Asia

Global Connections

Avoid delays and costs when trading internationally

By failing to understand the importance of correct documentation, businesses can increase the risk of delays and costs.

„Hurra, wir wachsen noch!“

HSBC Topic zu Wachstumsmärkten



Versorgen Sie Ihre Wertschöpfungskette mit Kapital, expandieren Sie in neue Märkte und modernisieren Sie Ihre Infrastruktur.

Global Disbursements: Frontline Focus

A growing international reach leads Canadian corporation to HSBC for high volume low value global payments

La Martina: global brand, global sport, global bank

At the very heart of the La Martina brand is the desire to promote the sport of Polo by supporting polo events and tournaments across the world in places such as Dubai, UK and Singapore, helping to improve the quality of play at both a national and international level

Medanito: a three dimensional banking relationship

Argentine oil and gas company Medanito first worked with HSBC in 1999. Since then, the relationship has become increasingly three dimensional in terms of length, breadth and depth. Mario Santarelli, Medanito's CFO, outlines its evolution and benefits


Optimieren Sie In- und Auslandszahlungen und den Einzug von Geldern, um vorhandene Liquidität bestmöglich einzusetzen. Durch unternehmensweite Konsolidierung können Sie zudem Ihre Ausgaben effektiv steuern.

The omni-channel opportunity

Retailers should accept the “omni-channel” challenge laid down by consumers researching and buying across mobile devices, computers and physical stores within the same shopping journey, explains David Wild, CEO of Domino's Pizza Group and member of the LCP Consulting Advisory Board

Better luck in Tinseltown?

Property tycoons look to Los Angeles as home sales in China lose sparkle

Integration and collaboration – How businesses can capitalise on ASEAN’s growth story

Simon Constantinides, HSBC’s Regional Head of Global Trade and Receivables Finance for Asia Pacific, explains why ASEAN-based companies, as well as those further afield, are well positioned to capitalise on the opportunities made possible by regional trade flows and the unique resources of each member state.


Konsolidieren Sie Ihre Salden und erhalten Sie schneller und einfacher Zugriff auf ungenutztes Guthaben. So erhöhen Sie Ihre Liquidität und unterstützen Ihre Wachstumsstrategie.

Shanghai free trade zone: unlocking new trade, investment and financing opportunities

The development of the Shanghai Free Trade Zone is creating new trade, investment and financing opportunities for companies doing business with or in China. Denise Zhou, Senior Vice President of RMB Internationalisation at HSBC, considers the unique benefits and services the zone offers and how multinationals can capitalise on them.

Emerging market companies will learn how to move up the value-added curve, how to have a strong brand and how to have a global company.

Pippa Malmgren, President and founder, Principalis Asset Management
Pressure cooker conditions lead to innovation


Wickeln Sie Ihre Geschäfte im Ausland mit größerer Sicherheit ab und reduzieren Sie Ihr Ausfallrisiko, während Sie gleichzeitig mögliche Cashflow-Schwankungen im Griff behalten.

Employee benefits and retention

The loss of key employees has an impact on any organisation, but the consequences can be particularly acute for small and mid-sized businesses. Apart from the costs of replacement, the disruption involved can also have a disproportionate operational impact. Fortunately, as Mark Hussain, Global Head of Commercial Insurance & Investments at HSBC explains, there are various incentives and benefits that can be used to maximise employee retention


Businesses of all sizes face a wide variety of risks every day. Some of these risks may be trivial, while others have the potential to close down the business. A key skill is therefore the ability to find a way of mitigating these critical risks. As Mark Hussain, Global Head of Commercial Insurance & Investments at HSBC explains, it may not be feasible to completely neutralise all these risks, but it is possible to devise a strategy that reduces them to a level acceptable to the individual business

Managing trade risk

Globalisation has seen a huge increase in the number of small and medium sized businesses starting to trade internationally. While this is a worthwhile step in terms of profitability and diversification, it does involve taking on new risks. However, as Mark Hussain, Global Head of Commercial Insurance & Investments at HSBC explains, it is possible to mitigate these risks economically

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