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Through our presence in 64 countries and territories and our thorough knowledge of their cultures and economic structures, we've supported organisations to achieve their aims.

Lödige Industries is a leading global supplier of Intralogistics Systems and Lifting Equipment



yearly turnover and more than

1000 employees worldwide

From digital air-cargo logistics to cutting-edge automated car park systems

Lödige products and services are available worldwide. Their presence in 40 countries requires local banking solutions as well as global transparence.

Learn more about how our platform supports HQ with an overview of all their global operations.

Our Solution

  • Allowing world-wide subsidiaries to bank locally via our network
  • Allows HQ to have an overview of global operations; our platform gives an overview of cash positions and optimises cash flows between subsidaries

If you look at any large airport in the world, you will find a Lödige system

Philippe de Backer

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